There’s a certain pleasure that comes along with taking something that’s broken, diagnosing its problems, and repairing it so it’s good as new.  As you can quickly see from these logs, it takes a bit of effort to keep a large collection of games running.  A good friend of mine once said, “these games were designed to be played, broken, repaired, and then played some more.”   So, something I never planned for was gaining a new-found respect for the operators and repair techs that kept an entire arcade’s worth of equipment humming along perfectly back in 1982.

When I was just beginning, other people’s repair logs were very helpful to me, so I began to keep track of them myself.  Some of the early fixes I made are lost in time, but most of the good stuff is here, and now complete with pictures and/or video.

These logs encompass a variety of repairs and restoration of all my coin-operated equipment:  electrical, electronic and mechanical components, as well as metal and wood work.  As a fellow collector, hopefully these can be of some use to you…enjoy!

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